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VB pines for LA life

Victoria Beckham "absolutely" wants to build an "empire".

The singer-turned-designer moved to the US with her family when her soccer star husband David signed to Los Angeles Galaxy in 2007. Having returned to the UK this year, there has been speculation that Victoria is missing her former lifestyle. The family recently enjoyed a trip back to America, and Victoria has now confessed she pines for the Stateside climate and work ethic.

“I am very career minded, and I think my personality is more suited to America. I am a working mom," she told the New York Times' T magazine, before revealing her work goals. “I want to get bigger and bigger. I absolutely want an empire.”

While the 39-year-old star relished some aspects of life in LA, she did find other things over the top. Victoria and David both had modest upbringings and are determined that their four children will remain as grounded as possible. She admits her parenting approach vastly differed from certain friends in the US.

“We have what I consider to be normal birthday parties. I’ve been to parties in LA that are mind-blowing. I mean, quite literally mind-blowing," she explained. "People get cell phones in the party bag, that sort of thing. Fabulous, fabulous parties. Ours aren’t like that. They are normal kids’ parties. We’ll have a bouncy castle, a face painter.”

Victoria insists she has never missed a family birthday, and her or David usually drive their kids to school each day. She leaves most of the cooking to her spouse and her chef Chris, who will make a "giant lasagne".

Although they have a low-key approach to home life, Victoria and David have become one of the biggest couples in showbiz - and artist manager Simon Fuller has helped fashion them into a lucrative business venture. However, Victoria is keen to play down the idea of her marriage being a business.

“You know, we don’t look at it as a big brand,” she said. “It is, but it happened very, very naturally. It seems that now everybody wants to make a brand; everybody wants to build a brand. Ours happened very organically. The most important thing is each other and the children.”

Victoria is also one of the most photographed women in the world. Although she will turn 40 in April next year, the star has no worries about getting older.

“I find it embarrassing when you don’t look like yourself, when you’ve had tons of retouching," she added.

“I don’t want to be made to look like I’m 25. I’m 39. I don’t have any issues with my age.”

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