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Vergara ‘too busy’ for marriage

Sofia Vergara has no time to plan a wedding because of her packed schedule.

The actress has been engaged to fiancé Nick Loeb since July 2012, but the couple have never set a wedding date.

According to Sofia, her schedule is so packed right now she simply has no time for planning nuptials.

“I've been engaged already two years, and it's like I want to do something special and I want to rest after it,” she told Extra. “I think you know, I'm taking advantage of the 15 minutes of fame, and I haven't been able to plan. Every time I say ‘Now okay this month let's…’ and then I get a movie or then I get something and I'm greedy.”

One of the projects keeping Sofia from tying the knot is new movie Fading Gigolo.

The Modern Family star had to do an on-screen threesome with John Turturro and Sharon Stone, and says it was nerve-wracking.

“We were doing the threesome and it was very interesting for me to do that because it was Sharon Stone. I mean if you're going to do a threesome, who better than Sharon Stone?” laughed Sofia. “I was a little nervous at the beginning, then I went to the set and she was so cool, she was like, ‘Just follow my lead.’”

The Colombian-born star has a 22-year-old son, Manolo Gonzalez-Ripoll Vergara, from her first marriage.

Sofia hasn’t ruled out having more children, and had her eggs frozen in case she and Nick decide to have a baby.

"I just wanted to plan ahead," she told ABC News last year.

"My boyfriend Nicky is three years younger than me, and he's never had a son. I have my son, Manolo, so it's not an emergency for me to have another kid, but for Nicky, he's never had a baby."

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