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Victor makes BB return

Former Big Brother contestant Victor Ebuwa wasted no time in stirring up trouble by delivering home truths to housemates last night.

The straight-talking reality star, who was involved in the infamous ‘fight night’ during series 5, wasted no time in delivering home truths to the current crop of housemates.

Victor reaffirmed his bad boy reputation by working his way around the room to speak his mind.

“You're right. These lot are targeting you. Just wait it out for the week and pick 'em off mate. Easily done,” he told a shocked Danny.

The series 5 star then turned his attentions to Marc, who was visibly upset by the conversation.

“You were doing really well till you paired off with what's-her-name. Just go back to how you normally work. You could win this,” Victor told him.

The chat clearly left Marc reeling as soon afterwards he fled to the Diary Room to confess he was concerned about how he was coming across to viewers and his other housemates.

Victor – who was involved in one of Big Brother’s most explosive arguments with fellow housemate Emma Greenwood in 2004 - made no secret of his delight at stirring up trouble during his brief return to the house.

Shortly after Thursday night’s show he took to Twitter to express his glee.

“Today's episode of Big Brother should've been titled 'The Return of The King!',” he wrote. “Looking at my a*** Obviously I was paid in BURGERS #bbuk. (sic)”

Victor wasn’t the only familiar face making a comeback. The first ever Big Brother winner Craig Phillips led a conga-line of former contestants including Rachel Rice, Ben Duncan, Stu Hosking, Charley Uchea, Alex Sibley, Mario Mugan, Jon Tickle, Darnell Swallow, Dexter Koh, Glyn Wise and Grace Adams-Short.

While the former stars partied away, the current housemates had to stay perfectly still and watch on.

Meanwhile, Helen Wood has vowed to spit in Aisleyne Horgan-Wallace's face if she re-enters the house. Her comments follow reports that Aisleyne could be returning for a showdown with enemy Helen this weekend.

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