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Victoria Beckham congratulates royal couple

Victoria Beckham sent Britain's Duke and Duchess of Cambridge flowers as soon as she heard they were to become parents.

The royal couple publicly announced they are expecting a baby last week, after Catherine checked into hospital to be treated for acute morning sickness. She was only thought to be eight weeks into the pregnancy, but had to confirm the news early due to her illness.

Victoria and her husband David Beckham attended the royal couple's wedding in 2011 and the singer-turned-fashion designer was thrilled to hear the happy news.

"Victoria sent flowers and a card to congratulate William and Kate," an insider told Heat magazine.

Catherine spent three nights at the King Edward VII Hospital in London, where she was treated for Hyperemesis gravidarum, which causes severe nausea and vomiting and can lead to dehydration and weight loss.

Although Victoria didn't suffer from the condition during her four pregnancies she did have morning sickness, so apparently feels extremely sorry for the duchess.

"Victoria really understands morning sickness and has suffered terribly from it herself during all her pregnancies," the insider added. "Victoria actually lost weight in the first trimesters and couldn't keep her food down, so she really felt for Kate as she knew a little of what she was going through."

It seems the designer is already planning another gift for the royal couple.

"Victoria is actually looking into starting her own range of children's clothes and would love for William and Kate's child to be the first in line to wear them," the source explained.

Although Catherine left hospital after three nights last week, she is still feeling unwell. William had been due to attend an event on Sunday but pulled out to be with her after she began feeling sick again.

The duchess had planned to attend the UK premiere of Peter Jackson's new movie The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey in London tomorrow, but it has now been confirmed she isn't well enough to go.

William is still scheduled to be present for the red carpet event, while Catherine will be recuperating at Kensington Palace.

Caitlin Dean of organisation Pregnancy Sickness Support has explained that Hyperemesis gravidarum is a debilitating illness which can stay with women even past the 17 or 18 week pregnancy mark.

"It tends to be a cycle of going into hospital, getting rehydrated, going home, getting dehydrated again because you're not getting intravenous fluids, and so on. The duchess is still very ill by most people's standards and the chances of her going back to hospital are quite high," she told British newspaper The Telegraph.

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