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Victoria Beckham 'feeling youthful'

Victoria Beckham has reportedly embarked on a new diet and exercise plan and already feels like a “new woman”.

The star has turned to celebrity fitness guru Tracy Anderson in a bid to give her exercise and diet plan an overhaul. Although Victoria is famously thin, she was eager to impress her husband David Beckham with a more toned physique. It seems that after just a few weeks of working with Tracy, the busy mom-of-four is feeling better than ever.

“Victoria says she wanted to feel confident in her skin again and wants to be sexy for David. She’s three weeks into the plan and she has told pals she’s like a new woman already!” a source told British magazine Closer. “She feels five years younger! Her energy levels are up and she’s loving having the stamina to kick about with the boys and run after Harper. She can’t wait for David to enjoy all her hard work!”

Victoria apparently asked Tracy for a “body MOT” and the trainer has devised a training programme which sees the fashion designer working out six days a week. She wants to boost her “flat” butt and work on creating a lean but curvy figure.

“Victoria is loving the new regime. She works out to music by Jay-Z, Beyoncé and Rihanna and Tracy has encouraged her to wear a cute workout outfit and a little make-up if it helps her feel motivated,” the source added. “Victoria and Tracy mainly chat through emails and texts as Tracy has been in New York and Victoria says she really understands what she’s trying to achieve – it’s like her religion at the moment!”

Victoria was said to be eager to “surprise” her soccer star spouse with her toned figure when she returned from a recent trip to Los Angeles.

The 39-year-old star has been following a detox which bans alcohol and she is drinking plenty of water, along with protein drinks and healthy juices.

“Tracy worked out a six-week programme that Victoria will continue in the UK. She’s been exercising for 30-60 minutes a day out in the LA sunshine or a heated room, so she works up a sweat,” the insider revealed. “Victoria says she might be slim, but she was unfit. After working out hard to lose the baby weight from having Harper, she was too tired and busy to keep it up. But now she is determined to have ‘buns of steel’ and abs to rival David’s.”

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