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Victoria Justice: I want Jesus’ healing power

Victoria Justice has gushed over her boyfriend, noting everyone in her family loves him.

During a conversation with Extra host Maria Lopez, the 22-year-old Victorious star revealed she’s always had major respect for healers.

And when Mario asked what superpower Victoria dreamed of having, she provided a generous answer.

“I feel like when people are either sick or heartbroken, I want to heal them,” she shared, noting Jesus is one of her favourite healers of all time. “I want to be Shesus.”

Victoria is currently dating fellow actor Pierson Fode, whom she starred with in 2014 movie Naomi and Ely’s No Kiss List.

The stunning brunette is absolutely smitten with her beau and she’s happy her relatives like him too.

“We met on the set of a movie, Naomi and Ely's No Kiss List, where he plays my best friend that I’m in love with. I think [he’s handsome],” she gushed, noting her mother has given her seal of approval. “She does [like him], my whole family loves him.”

Victoria just finished filming her new TV series Eye Candy, in which she portrays a woman named Lindy Sampson who is hunting down a murderous online stalker.

She made it big as a Nickelodeon star and Victoria is elated she’s taking on more adult roles like this.

“The most mature role I’ve stepped into, honestly, I’m so happy with the way it’s turned out, I stand by my decision, feel it was the perfect project for me to choose, it’s like a thriller drama, suspenseful, dark, and twisted,” she noted.

Victoria is embracing her adulthood across the board.

She is the sexy cover girl of Kode magazine’s new issue and the star has no qualms about wearing no underwear for the shoot.

“I’m channeling like my inner like Xena the Warrior princess, you know, it’s very fierce, that is why I love it, definitely a more sexy mature cover,” Victoria gushed.

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