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Wednesday 17 September 2014

Video: Reese Witherspoon's 'are you kidding?' arrest footage shows diva arguing with Atlanta police

This combination of undated photo provided by the City of Atlanta Department of Corrections shows Reese Witherspoon, left, her husband James Toth. The Oscar-winning actress was arrested on a disorderly conduct charge after a state trooper said she wouldn't stay in the car while Toth was given a field sobriety test in Atlanta. (AP Photo/City of Atlanta Department of Corrections)
Reese Witherspoon

Reese Witherspoon argues with police and is handcuffed in newly released dash cam footage taken from her disorderly conduct arrest in Atlanta, Georgia last month.

The actress was charged with disorderly conduct after losing her temper when her husband Jim Toth was stopped by Atlanta police on April 19 for DUI.

Reese entered into a verbal disagreement with the arresting officer and ignored his request to stay inside the vehicle.

New video of the moment she was handcuffed has now hit the internet.

A 90-second clip obtained by TMZ shows the actress asking police why her husband was being taken into custody.

"I'm an American citizen. I'm allowed to stand on American soil," she argues. "You better not arrest me."

Reese’s husband is heard saying her name in the background and attempting to calm her down.

"Do you know my name sir?" she continues.

When the officer says he does not need to know her name, she responds, “You’re about to find out who I am!” and accuses him of harassment.

The officer reiterates that he had asked her not to get involved in her husband’s arrest, and explains the situation in legal terms.

"I'm obstructing your justice?" she asks.

Jim is again heard in the background this time distancing himself from the ordeal.

"I'm sorry, I had nothing to do with that," he says.

Reese on Thursday pled “no contest” to the charge of “physical obstruction of another”.

She was ordered to pay a $213 fine.

Toth has pled guilty to his DUI charge. The CAA talent agent will have to perform 40 hours of community service and attend an alcohol education programme.

He will also be placed on probation for 12 months.

Hours before her court hearing, Reese gave her first interview on Good Morning America. She admitted to saying some “crazy things” while intoxicated.

Reese also admitted to being “disrespectful” and said she has police officers in her family. “I know better,” she said.

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