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Monday 28 July 2014

Viewers put Denise in dog house

Denise Van Outen and James Jordan are trying to be less aggressive about the competition

Denise Van Outen's Strictly Come Dancing partner James Jordan reckons their "bulldog" spirit is putting the public off after they ended up in the bottom two last week.

The pair have impressed the judges with their polished performances but a lack of viewer support dragged her into the dance-off two weeks running.

Last week she scored 38 and 39 for her two dances, putting her in second place on the leaderboard, but she still ended up dancing for her place in the final against Lisa Riley.

James said: "No-one likes us. We looked in the mirror the other day and we went 'Everyone else looks so sweet and we look like bulldogs'.

"That's what we said because they look so sweet and we look so aggressive."

But Denise said she is happy being in that position because it is "less pressure" on the pair.

She joked: "We can just enjoy it, we've got nothing to lose. We know what it feels like to be almost walking home so I've already pre-booked my cab."

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