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Viggo Mortensen: I don't promote myself

Viggo Mortensen doesn't have the "drive" to command the same level of fame as George Clooney.

The actor admires the work of the Hollywood star, but doesn't think he'll ever garner the same attention.

Viggo is happy with the choices he has made in the movie industry, and doesn't envy stars who work on promoting their image as well as their films.

"George Clooney absolutely is a big movie star - the same kind as Clark Gable. He delivers extraordinary work. He chooses his roles and directs several movies, you can only call that smart," he told German TV station Tele 5.

"Moreover he knows how to promote himself very well which is a very time consuming thing and needs a certain inner drive. Maybe it's a weakness or just a personal behaviour pattern but anyway I am just not good enough at things like that. I admit, I'm not good at selling myself."

Viggo insists he won't be becoming the face of a brand anytime soon. The 53-year-old star would prefer to concentrate on his movie roles and work with respected directors in the industry.

"I even find it extreme what you have to do to promote yourself. You need to attend parties, do as much press work as possible and the best would be to appear in commercials to sell coffee and whiskey," he said.

"Whatever, I just know that I don't want that. Maybe I'm too lazy, maybe too dumb because I spoil that for myself. But I really don't have any reason to complain because I work with great directors like David Cronenberg."

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