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Vin Diesel: Caine and I are Laurel and Hardy

Movie star Vin Diesel would give Elijah Wood a run for his money playing a Hobbit.

Actor Vin Diesel thinks Michael Caine dubbing them the new Laurel and Hardy is a "beautiful compliment".

The two men star opposite each other in thriller The Last Witch Hunter, with Vin taking on the title role of Kaulder who must stop humanity being destroyed by a horrific plague. It may seem like an odd pairing for the silver screen, but 48-year-old Vin has been pals with veteran thespian Michael, 82, for years, making the shoot more enjoyable.

"We've always wanted to do something together," Vin told Total Film magazine, adding Michael's wife Shakira described their onscreen chemistry as "spectacular" in one scene. "The next day Michael comes to set and says, 'You know what I realised Vin? You and I are the Laurel and Hardy of great acting!' I don't know how to take that but I guess it was a beautiful compliment."

Michael could have been referring to the fact that they are such polar opposites in appearance. Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy found fame in the '30s thanks to their humorous skits and contrasting statures, with the former appearing small and slim next to his tall, larger partner.

Also joining Vin in his latest film is Lord of the Rings actor Elijah Wood. He added another dimension to the stellar line-up, according to the Fast and Furious star.

"Employing Rose Leslie from Game of Thrones, Elijah Wood from the (author J. R. R.) Tolkein (book) series, and of course Michael Caine from the Batman world, it's find of an ultimate fantasy move, in the cast alone," he added. "I could be a Hobbit! I could give Elijah a run for his money as a Hobbit."

That's not to say Vin wasn't intrigued by the storyline though. Being open to the supernatural world himself, this flick allowed him to be even more open-minded about what's out there.

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