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Vince Vaughn: Daughter can't have dates

Vince Vaughn has joked that boys are already asking his baby daughter to prom.

The comic star and his wife Kyla Weber welcomed Locklyn into the world in December 2010. Vince plays an overprotective father in his new movie The Watch and was quizzed on whether his storyline has made him worried about his child becoming a teenager.

"My daughter is just 19, 20 months now, so I'm a long away from that," he told CinemaBlend at a press conference for the film.

Vince's co-star Jonah Hill then asked how he will feel when a guy arrives at his house to take Locklyn to prom. "That happened the other day, but I said it was inappropriate. She's too young. They have to walk before they fly," he replied.

Vince has no idea how he will react when his daughter begins dating. However, he has joked that he is already preparing her to cope with certain dangerous situations.

"I'm a long, long way from answering those questions as far as being protective. But I have encouraged her to get on some scooters - motor scooters - motorised vehiclesthat kind of stuff," he quipped. "I threw her in the pool, but she swam so it's fine."

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