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Vince Vaughn: Google offices like Wonka factory

Vince Vaughn equates Google’s headquarter offices in Mountain View, California to “Charlie’s chocolate factory” due to multiple fun amenities on site.

The 43-year-old funnyman stars in The Internship opposite Owen Wilson. The comedy follows two middle-aged salesmen who take on a summer internship at Google in order to jump-start their floundering careers. The men find themselves battling with young, savvy interns who are also determined to secure permanent employment with the company.

The film was shot at Google’s global headquarters in Mountain View, California.

Whiling shooting The Internship Vince was blown away by Google’s ideal working environment.

He also believes the movie’s story wouldn’t have been told as well if shot anywhere else.

"To me, the movie is about today's tough economy and people having to reinvent themselves in their quest to continue to have value. Setting the movie at a fake company would not have worked," he told USA Today. "Being at Google grounds it. It's the workplace equivalent of Charlie's chocolate factory."

The company’s compound includes tennis courts, hiking trails, on-site gyms and many other amenities. Employees also get free food made by professional chefs, access to massage therapists, free bicycles and they can even do their laundry for free.

Real life interns at Google tell the publication they absolutely love working for the company.

"Having great stuff at arm's length all day could be a problem," Florian Koenigsberger, 20, of Yale University said as he patted his stomach.

"There are computers here, and there are volleyball courts. I take that to mean they're not un-serious, just lighthearted. I personally don't like disassociating work and play, and here it seems to blend together."

The Internship hits theatres this summer.

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