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Vince Vaughn: I'm honest with Owen

Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson felt comfortable enough with each other to say if ideas "sucked" on the set of their new movie.

The pair have teamed up on The Internship, which follows their salesman characters as they battle to win jobs at Google. Vince is Billy and Owen portrays Nick, who find themselves pitted against internet-savvy young people who are determined to be successful.

It marks the first time the actors have worked together since 2005's Wedding Crashers and both were keen to let each other know how they felt about the material.

"Having worked together, you can be honest and say if something sucks. You don’t just say, ‘Hey, it sucks.’ You just know if the other person likes it or doesn’t like it," Owen explained to Chicago Sun-Times.

Vince interjected: "Like all real friends, you know. But it’s fun to throw out the other person’s bad ideas in front of other people. You go, ‘Isn’t Wilson’s idea stupid?’ Of course, just kidding.”

A lot has changed since the two stars first teamed up together. Both are now parents, with Vince and his wife Kyla Weber expecting their second child in August. Owen has two-year-old son Ford with Jade Duell and the kids enjoyed visiting their fathers on set.

Both men are thrilled to have families, although Vince's happiness is for a slightly unusual reason.

"Now, we have an upcoming audience to look at our pictures," he laughed.

The star also joked he and Owen finally decided to reunite on the big screen for one reason only - to pay their mortgages. More seriously, he explained they have been offered many different movies over the years but wanted to ensure they picked one for the right reasons. They wanted the story to be fun and interesting and not rely solely on their chemistry.

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