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Thursday 17 April 2014

Vogel interested in Dome characters

Mike Vogel stars in new Channel 5 drama Under The Dome

Mike Vogel has said fantasy TV series Under The Dome has been dominating his life.

The actor, 34, whose credits include the movies Poseidon, Cloverfield and Blue Valentine, plays Dale 'Barbie' Barbara in the show, based on a book by Stephen King and executive produced by Steven Spielberg.

"Initially, yes, it was hearing the involvement of two guys that bring a 'little bit of experience' to a show like this, but reading the script and seeing this character also really interested me," he said of signing up for the show.

"What I love about this show - and you'll see this as we get deeper into the season, and hopefully ensuing seasons - is it's very real characters reacting to a very unreal event. It takes some time for them to figure out there's possibly something else afoot besides something of this world. We spend the season trying to find out those things."

He added of the show, in which a town's residents are trapped under an invisible and mysterious force field: "We're actually finishing up the last episode now, so it has dominated my life since February.

"We're on episode 13 now. I'm looking forward to some other stuff. I have a couple of other films I finished last year that are possibly doing the film festival circuits here, so I'll be excited about exploring that."

The actor said he was glad that fame didn't come earlier for him.

"You do hit a point where all of those things come to a head, and for me I'm glad it's happened now I'm in my thirties rather than in my twenties.

"You're a lot more prepared for it; I've had a lot more experiences," he said. "My family grounds me. My wife, every time she thinks I think I'm something, slaps me about a bit and says, 'No, you are daddy. Go and change a diaper'."

:: Under the Dome can be seen at 10pm on Mondays on Channel 5.

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