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Voice judges hug after 'trash talk'

Judges on US show The Voice love "trash talking" each other, but always "high five" in the end.

Carson Daly presents the singing contest, which boasts Christina Aguilera, Cee Lo Green, Adam Levine and Blake Shelton as mentors. The four musicians have teams of contestants who compete against each other and Carson says things occasionally get heated.

"There is a healthy amount of trash talking. It usually ends with a hug or a high-five. They're always questioning each other's moves or song selections. Or how jealous they are of each other's team members," he laughed.

Carson has worked as a radio and TV host and is comfortable he's found his niche. Asked whether he would ever consider trying out for a music reality show, he was sure of his answer. Even though he doesn't think he'd be successful, Carson couldn't help musing on which The Voice coach he'd want to work with.

"I'm not a great singer; I'm barely a good singer," he laughed to Parade. "If I had a big voice, I would go with Christina. If I was theatrical and it was about my showmanship, if I saw myself as the next Lady Gaga, I would go with Cee Lo. If I wanted to be a rock star or a solo pop star singer, I would go with Adam.

"But for me personally, since all I do is play mediocre guitar and barely hold a note, I might fall in the singer-songwriter category and pick Blake. But I'm not good."

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