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Wahlberg helps McCarthy shine

Donnie Wahlberg has started bonding with Jenny McCarthy's 11-year-old son.

The two stars began dating earlier this summer and recently went public with their romance.

Jenny is co-hosting US talk show The View, a new job for her. She made her debut this week and enlisted Donnie to be her guest, explaining his presence helped take the edge off her nerves.

"He was booked to come on the show later to promote [TV show] Blue Bloods, and I said, 'Can you just switch the date to be my first guest?'" she told People. "He makes me feel really comfortable and puts me at ease and he brings out the best in me. So I thought, 'Why not step out of your comfort zone, for me, and make me feel comfy on that day?'"

Donnie was only too happy to help out his new girlfriend and the pair opened up about being instantly attracted to each other.

Things are going well for the pair, who are both parents. Jenny has 11-year-old son Evan with her ex-husband John Mallory Asher and he and Donnie have been introduced. They got along well and Jenny was touched by how they bonded.

"They had their first meeting and it was incredible, it was perfect," she said. "Evan loves to catch frogs, so my backyard has a big creek and they caught a few frogs and had some great, perfect amount of time together to get to know each other."

The 40-year-old model explained that sharing knowledge of the showbiz industry also helped her romance with Donnie. They both know they need to work hard at their careers, but also understand the importance of taking time to be with each other.

"If it's only one hour at one o'clock in the morning then that's what we get and we make that one hour feel like a week," she said.

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