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Wahlberg: My 9/11 comments were misconstrued

Mark Wahlberg felt his 9/11 comments were "completely misunderstood."

The Contraband actor has sparked up controversy about the disastrous event. Earlier this week Mark said that the catastrophe "wouldn't have went down like it did" if he were on a plane set to smash into New York City's World Trade Centre.

Mark is perturbed by the furore, as he feels his words were completely taken out of context.

"I would never disrespect the victims of 9/11 or their families. It was completely misunderstood," Mark told radio show Kidd Kraddick in the Morning Friday. "My only intention was to explain the fact that I would do anything to protect my family - I would put myself in harms way to protect my family or innocent people. That was it."

Mark says what is on his mind during interviews. He feels that his open dialogue may get him in trouble with the public at times.

"First and foremost, I am not an actor," Mark explained. "I am a real guy from the streets and I've been in a lot of situations, so I was probably speaking out of line and I wasn't thinking about the real heroes and the guys, women, children, fathers, sons, daughters who were on those flights."

Mark believes that the media latches onto negative press more than positive news. He wonders why outlets have not reported the philanthropic things he has done recently.

"And it's important to me because you know what, people don't have a tendency, especially the media, don't want to talk to me about going to Afghanistan at Christmas or raising $2 million a year for inner city kids and at risk youth," Mark said. "And all of a sudden this thing became this thing - I didn't know where it came from."

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