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Wahlberg was desperate for Denzel

Mark Wahlberg quips he was so desperate to be friends with Denzel Washington he stood outside his hotel to see if he would be invited in.

The actor is currently promoting his new crime comedy 2 Guns, in which he stars with Denzel. Mark has always been a big fan of the Oscar winner and claims he went to great lengths to form a bond.

"I would stand outside Denzel’s hotel and wait to see if he would be my friend for a little while but I never got invited in," he laughed to British newspaper The Metro. "No, we were together 12 hours a day and so, after that, you want to go home and eat dinner with your wife."

Mark has been deeply affected by Denzel's big screen performances. In fact, Mark was so convinced by his portrayal of an alcoholic pilot in Flight - which earned Denzel a best actor Oscar nod - that it has stayed with him ever since.

"It affected me," he said of watching Flight. "I got on the plane yesterday and when I saw that Denzel was sitting there, I was like: ‘Don’t you get in the f**king cockpit!’"

Mark got involved in gangs and was sent to prison for assault when he was 16. The experience made him decide to clean up his life and he relied on his Catholic faith to turn over a new leaf.

He is now happily married to Rhea Durham and the pair raise four children.

The 42-year-old star admits he can't help spoiling his kids because he had such a tough upbringing.

"I want to give them everything. But they have got to understand that they are in a very unique situation and the biggest job, the most important role that I will ever have, is father and husband and I have got to make sure that I raise the kids the right way," Mark explained, before insisting he can say no to them when necessary. "Absolutely. My four-year-old son has more Jordans than I ever had. But that’s material stuff; you’ve got to give them real values and a faith-based education, raise your kids the right way."

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