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Friday 18 April 2014

Walters and Tompkinson in Truckers

Ashley Walters will star in Truckers

Ashley Walters has joined the cast of new BBC drama Truckers.

The Bullet Boy star will appear in the drama about truck drivers working in a haulage yard in Nottingham.

Joining Top Boy actor Ashley in signing up to the drama is Beaver Falls star John Dagleish, the BBC has revealed.

The five-part series will also star Stephen Tompkinson (Wild At Heart), Harry Treadaway (Control), Sian Breckin (Tyrannosaur) and Jenn Murray (The Fades).

Each episode follows one of the truckers on a life-changing journey and looks at how lonely life for a long-distance driver can be.

In Ashley's episode, his character is a selfish man who fills a void in his life with casual sex. But when the one thing that makes him happy, his kids, is almost taken away from him, he realises that he needs to change his ways.

Stephen's episode shows his character living with his ex wife and grown up son 18 months after his divorce, and being shocked to learn she plans to marry her new boyfriend.

His character completely turns his life around with the use of fake tan, thongs, Viagra and attempted sex with a letterbox.

Filming on Truckers has now started in Nottingham.

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