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Wanted star: US girls like my accent

The Wanted's Jay McGuiness believes he has a "slight advantage" with women in the US despite being "average looking".

The British group have been spending a lot of time in America recently. Jay is modest about his looks, but claims his accent has proven a hit with the opposite sex stateside.

"Obviously British girls are beautiful and we love them, but as someone who is at the very best average looking, American girls find the English accent quite endearing, so I have a slight advantage there," he told UK TV show Daybreak.

Jay has no shortage of female admirers. His fans go crazy for his curly hair, and the group - also comprising Max George, Siva Kaneswaran, Tom Parker and Nathan Sykes - were left shocked by one incident involving the heartthrob's locks.

"They are different over here," Max said of American fans. "Someone asked for a lock of Jay's hair and they ate it. She took it off him and she swallowed it, so that was quite weird."

Jay, 21, admits he was lost for words after seeing an admirer devour his hair.

"I can't explain the thinking behind that," he added. "What's weird is, I live in a world where quite a few people ask me for locks of my hair and I don't need all of them so I am like, 'Sure why not?' and I cut them a piece off. She is the first person I know who has ever ingested my hair, which is very strange. But each to their own."

Although The Wanted are proving a hit in America, not everything has been smooth sailing. Tom hails from the north of England, and US fans are struggling to understand him when he speaks.

"Unless you have a very clean British accent, they don't understand a word you are saying. So Tom for example is banned from talking in interviews," Nathan laughed.

"I am from Bolton and our manager always just goes, 'Don't speak.' And I won't, so I am happy with that," Tom added.

The boys also landed themselves in hot water recently after publicly criticising both Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera.

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