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Watts: Diana voice was difficult

Naomi Watts found it hard to get the knack for Princess Diana’s voice.

The actress plays the late Princess of Wales in her new film Diana and found perfecting her mannerisms a trying task.

Naomi thinks it took extra time because she was experiencing tension and pressure about getting it right.

“It took a good six to eight weeks to get the voice down and I was sure I couldn’t do it,” she told Access Hollywood. “I found it very, very hard, because it’s one thing getting the voice, but you have to stay relaxed.”

The 44-year-old was nervous about presenting her fresh flick to audiences.

However now she is aware people will have negative things to say no matter what.

“Any time you finally get to the point where you’re presenting a film to people is scary, but it’s out of my control,” she shared.

The British-born star, who has two sons with actor spouse Liev Schrieber, rejected the part several times before eventually accepting.

She was scared that she wouldn’t be able to do justice in character as one of the most loved royals in history.

“All the reasons I was afraid of doing it were about the fact that she’s the most famous woman of our time and everyone remembers her so well and loved her so much and would I be able to deal with those — with the comparisons and everybody’s opinion if I got it right or not,” she admitted.

“So that was a scary challenge, but ultimately, I felt that it was an opportunity.

“This was a fascinating character and it’s quite hard to find complex, rich, interesting women. And, of course, the sensitivity of it was something that was a concern as well,” she said.

The movie opens in cinemas later this month.

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