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Watts wants Mirren's advice

Naomi Watts thinks people who post mean comments online only log on to be negative.

The actress portrays Britain's late Princess of Wales in Diana, which has received varied reviews. It focuses on the last two years of the royal's life, including her romances with Hasnat Khan and Dodi Fayed.

Helen famously won an Oscar after she played Queen Elizabeth II in The Queen and after seeing negative comments on YouTube, Naomi thinks she might have some good tips for her.

"[With YouTube trailers] it’s kind of a vicious circle. The people who post those comments are usually there just to say negative things," she told Stylist magazine.

"No I haven’t [spoken to Helen], but that’s a good idea, I should ring her up! [Laughs] Obviously I saw her performance and it was brilliant and a great film, but perhaps I should read some of her articles or at least ring her up and see what she says. I am sure she handled it well."

Naomi is good friends with Nicole Kidman, who can be seen playing Grace Kelly in Grace of Monaco later this year. The pair didn't discuss their respective royal roles, preferring to focus on their private lives when they have time to catch up.

"It is odd timing and we had a laugh about it but it just shows that we are fascinated by these kinds of figures and they are worth exploring as pieces of history," Naomi explained. "We have so many other things to talk about – like the kids. We haven’t seen each other in a really long time but we will have an hour-long conversation and cover everything."

Naomi was also quizzed on whether she would like a movie of her life to be made. She hopes if it was it would focus on time in the future, as that would mean her best years are yet to come.

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