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Wednesday 16 April 2014

Wayne Callies: Walking Dead brave

Sarah Wayne Callies thinks The Walking Dead has a brave take on zombies

Sarah Wayne Callies has praised The Walking Dead creators for taking a brave approach to zombies.

The star of the TV series has said director Frank Darabont and executive producer Gale Anne Hurd did the right thing by putting a human spin on the genre.

She said: "They're amazing, and I don't think anyone anticipated how human a story they would choose to tell, which was incredibly brave, because we could have just made a long version of a standard zombie movie.

"That would have found an audience and it would have been perfectly serviceable, but instead Gale and Frank started with the idea to tell a story about real people."

Sarah reckoned The Walking Dead had mass appeal because it had left behind the usual zombie stereotypes.

"There's something to be said for the idea that if you're trying to tell an honest story, people will connect to it from wherever they are," she said. "My mother's a Shakespeare scholar, and she oddly has a lot of friends who watch it - not because their friend's daughter's on it, but because they connect to it."

Sarah also had good things to say about Brit actor Andrew Lincoln's American accent as her co-star: "It's perfect. There are times when Jon (Bernthal, aka Shane) and I thought his accent's better than ours."

:: The Walking Dead, season three, airs on Channel 5 from Saturday, June 29.

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