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Thursday 28 May 2015

West project followed toilet ambush

Dominic West has directed an episode of Moving On
Dominic West has directed an episode of Moving On

Dominic West was ambushed into directing a daytime drama after being cornered in a toilet, it has been revealed.

The British star, who plays Detective Jimmy McNulty in cult US crime series The Wire, was a "captive audience" when Moving On producer Colin McKeown approached him.

Colin revealed that he offered the actor a job on the Liverpool-set drama after spotting him in the gents at the Bafta awards, saying: "We were in the loo and I think I'd watched five seasons of The Wire one after the other and I looked to my right and there he was."

He added: "He was a captive audience because he couldn't move, so I hassled him and hustled him and by the time he got out of that loo I'd convinced him to come to Liverpool to direct an episode of Moving On."

Dominic's episode, titled Malaise, is about a man who returns from prison to find his wife has found a new partner and that his daughter does not want to get to know him.

The man is played by Life On Mars actor John Simm, while his wife is played by Susan Lynch.

Susan, who has appeared in Bodies and The Secret Diary Of Miss Anne Lister, said: "Dominic West was a fantastic director. I hope he does lots more."

Malaise marks Dominic's directorial debut in the UK.

Colin said: "He's done one of the Wire but I think in terms of a UK original, this is really the first thing he'd done."

The second series of Moving On begins on October 18.

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