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Wednesday 16 April 2014

Whelan brings rock to The X Factor

Joseph Whelan rocked out in his audition for The X Factor

The X Factor hopeful Joseph Whelan has said he is flying the flag for all rockers by taking part in the show.

The 27-year-old guitar-playing builder competed in the show last year but was booted out at the boot camp stage, and even branded the show a fix. But Joseph returned to audition again this year, and got four yeses.

He said: "My biggest reason for going back was all the support I had from the fans last year.

When I had a big campaign set up, there were 250,000 people supporting me... a quarter of a million people backing me to be on the show - I thought I've got to be doing something right. I thought I owe it to them as much as myself."

And Joseph is frustrated by the lack of mainstream rock music.

He confessed: "The biggest thing that annoys me in the UK is the lack of opportunities for rock bands and musicians.

"There's so many talented people out there who perform, and when it comes to record deals and stuff, because it doesn't really get played on Radio 1 etc, there's no opportunity to get signed up and there's no one putting money behind rock artists.

"In my opinion it's the most talented type of music, because you've got, up four or five guys in band, all playing instruments live, there's nothing being processed or produced. So that's the type of music I like to play because it's raw, you can't get that sort of energy from a backing track."

But Joseph admits he is worried about risking everything on the show.

He said: "I've performed in front on 15,000 people before and it doesn't bother me, there's not nerves there. But when it comes to The X Factor it kind of borderlines on your life, it brings your life and your whole personal circumstances into it.

"It could make or break you life. If it goes well it could change your life and if it goes horribly bad you could be made to look like an idiot in national TV."

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