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Whoopi Goldberg: Ghost-style romances are not real!

Whoopi Goldberg believes people get into relationships for the wrong reasons.

(Cover) - EN Showbiz - Whoopi Goldberg would run a mile if someone used the line ‘You complete me’ on her.

The actress is happily single after three failed marriages and doesn’t plan on getting into another relationship any time soon. The 59-year-old may have starred in romantic dramas in the past like 1990 release Ghost, but in her new book Whoopi’s Big Book of Relationships, she actually thinks the genre is partially to blame for a couple’s attitude towards love.

“If someone says ‘You complete me,’ run!” she laughed to USA Today as she quoted the famous line from Jerry Maguire. “Love songs and films make us believe Prince (or Princess) Charming is going to come along and make everything perfect like it is in the movies. (Ghost is) a wonderful film but it got people nuts! People were trying to get their boyfriend or girlfriend to sit with them and make pottery, and it’s just like, come on! This is not the real world.”

Whoopi also thinks a lot of relationships go wrong because people get into them for “the wrong reasons”.

For the comedienne, a potential partner should add to you as a person, not complete you.

“If someone completes you and they drop dead, do you become half a person?” she questioned. “You have to be a complete person when you start a relationship.”

Whoopi is more than happy with her single status and spending time with her children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren. But if the funnywoman were to be in the market for a new partner, the star knows what attributes she is looking for.

“Someone who can have a conversation with you, laugh with you, tell the truth,” she explained. “I’m sure something may come along but I’m not looking for a relationship that way. I’m not looking to live with anybody. I’m not looking for someone to make me feel better. Because I can do that myself.”

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