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Wilde, Sudeikis ‘hollering’ on date night

New parents Olivia Wilde and Jason Sudeikis made sure they had a rocking time on a rare night out.

The 31-year-old actress welcomed son Otis with her 39-year-old fiancé Jason in April 2014.

And on a rare night out, the pair let loose while watching mother-son band Madisen Ward and the Mama Bear play at Joe’s Pub in New York City.

“The band said they were from Kansas City and asked if anyone in the crowd was, too, and Jason hollered,” a source told Page Six.

Olivia and Jason are said to be huge fans of the musicians.

When they played their song Fight On the Rush actress couldn’t disguise her glee.

“She erupted in applause,” the insider noted.

After the set, Jason and Olivia took pictures with the band before returning home.

In addition to acting, Olivia takes on several philanthropic projects and she also has a hand in the fashion industry.

But the humble star doesn’t complain about her busy schedule.

"I feel very supported and just very lucky to be working on such good things," she told People magazine previously. "There are people managing much more complicated lives than me."

Olivia is loving family life so far and even simple pastimes have a renewed sense of joy.

"I just made risotto like ten minutes ago. I like to cook, but I also have the easiest audience in the world. My fiancé has no sense of smell – he was born without it – so he thinks everything I cook tastes amazing! It really builds my confidence," she joked.

"Well, because I have a baby, [the last time I watched a sunrise] was not very long ago! It wasn’t in the drunken haze it used to be. It was maybe a week ago, and I was up early with Otis."

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