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Will Ferrell boasts about entertaining extras

Will Ferrell claims his ability to make film extras laugh has become legendary in an entire US state.

The actor and Zach Galifianakis appear in The Campaign, where they play warring politicians vying for election.

Will has previously admitted he strived to make Zach laugh on set and has now revealed the two comics also used to battle to make others giggle.

"I don't think there was any doubt that I won almost every single time," Will told New York Post. "I'd go to dinner in New Orleans, and people would go, 'I heard you won today with the extras.' It pretty much swept the city and the state of Louisiana."

Zach admitted he was outsmarted by wise-cracking Will. He thinks part of the problem was his personality, as some people don't find him that fun.

"Will is a very likable man. I'm a little grumpy," he said.

The Campaign was directed by Jay Roach, who instigated the fight over extras. He wanted Will and Zach to bond with everyone involved with the film.

"I made them win them over, so they were constantly trashing each other in a joking way," he recalled.

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