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Will Ferrell: I'm so normal

Will Ferrell thinks he "bugs" people because he's "pretty normal" in his everyday life.

The comedian has played wacky roles in such hit films such as Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy, Old School and Blades of Glory. But he is nothing like the characters he portrays.

"Actually I'm pretty normal which I think bugs people," he told Fox News.

The actor does, however, bring out peculiar behaviour from time to time. He recalls taking off his shirt at a school fundraiser.

"Last weekend we had a big fundraiser for our school and everyone was dressed in tuxes and this and that and The Dan Band played and I made an appearance with lollipops on my nipples and no shirt on, so that's something," he confessed.

The 44-year-old father of three reveals his chest once again for new movie Casa de mi Padre, an American comedy spoken entirely in Spanish. The film follows the Alvarez brothers who encounter a war with Mexico's feared drug lord after scheming to save their father's ranch.

"This is technically only the second movie I've streaked in," Will said.

"Old School was the other. It was too funny an opportunity to spoof a romantic scene. We just had to execute it."

While the film is in Spanish, Will admits he doesn't understand a word of the language. He knows a little Swedish as his wife, Viveca Paulin, was born in the country but Spanish is not his strength.

"I still don't speak it. My comprehension is better, but it really was kind of a crash course and I just worked around the clock with a translator," he said.

"I thought, you know what you've never seen before? Someone from American comedy kind of inserted into a Spanish language film and the joke being not that I speak Spanish poorly, but that I speak it really well, or as well as I possibly can, and that I'm essentially just a member of an all Latino cast. I thought, I don't think that's been done before, and it was just an idea that I had that was nagging at me and we finally got it together."

Casa de mi Padre is released in the US from today.

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