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Will Ferrell: Twitter's too much work

Will Ferrell is a technophobe and doesn't embrace the trend for sharing on social media.

The comic actor has fans around the globe, but those wishing to interact him with directly will be disappointed to find out he shuns social media.

And it's not just Twitter he avoids, but technology in general.

“I was on Twitter for four days and for me personally it just felt like a burden, like something I’ve got to keep up. A lot of people are funny on it but I just knew it would become a burden," he admitted to British newspaper The Independent

"I haven’t sent out a tweet in six months. I should send one out: 'Hey everyone! Look at this picture of a sandwich I made. Hey looks like it’s going to be cloudy again. Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs.' I have an old Blackberry; I’m just a complete technophobe.”

Kevin Hart, his co-star in new movie Get Hard, says sometimes fans follow his Twitter account just to see candid photos of Will.

Get Hard tells the story of Will's character, millionaire James, turning to Chris' Darnell for jail tips when he gets done for fraud.

It's another comedy to add to Will's ever growing collection, but the 47-year-old confesses he never knows what movies will be a hit.

“Sadly no, I have still no sense whatsoever. My barometer hasn’t gotten any sharper. I think anyone who says they know right away, they’re lying. When you see the edited film, you just have to feel, ‘We made something that feels different, fresh and new and it has a strong point of view.’ It’s up to the gods at that point," he explained.

"You never know when a movie is going to hit the zeitgeist for whatever reason, whether it’s release date, what’s out there at the same time, are people in the mood to see a comedy at a certain point? All those factors you really aren’t in control of."

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