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Will Ferrell wisecracks about crime

Will Ferrell has joked that he once robbed a bank to impress a girl.

The comedian was attending a promotional event for his latest movie The Campaign in Hollywood when he made the comment. Funnyman Will was accompanied by his co-star Zach Galifianakis, and both men remained in character as rival North Carolina politicians.

Will claimed he masterminded the crime while trying to win the girl's affections when he was at high school.

"I robbed a bank once. Just in high school. Just to win the heart of a girl. And she didn't even notice and I spent two years in federal prison," Will told the crowd. "So that backfired. That's why I have a mail order bride."

Zach was also quick to step in and try to impress with his own romantic tales.

"I built a rollercoaster once to impress a girl," he added.

In the movie, the politicians are battling it out to represent a fiction district of North Carolina in the United States House of Representatives. Will plays moderate Democrat Cam Brady, while Zach is Tea Party-style Republican Marty Huggins.

The promotional event was set up in a similar style to a campaign stop, to tie in with the storyline of the film.

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