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Will Smith: Brando was an alien

Will Smith is "pretty certain" Marlon Brando was an alien - and rather than dying he "just went home".

The actor is famed for starring in popular science-fiction franchise Men in Black, with the third instalment due for release this weekend.

The hit film series deals with aliens and Will has jokingly revealed which late actor he thinks is other-worldly.

"There's a couple of people who are really questionable, but I'm pretty certain Marlon Brando was an alien. I just look at his work and what he was able to do, and it's like there's not another person like him," he quipped in an interview with Shortlist magazine.

"[He didn't die.] He just went home."

Will has been absent from the big screen for a little while. The 43-year-old star has children Jaden and Willow with his wife Jada Pinkett Smith and has been concentrating on his kids' showbiz careers.

However, he's joked they were more than happy to see him return to work.

"Well, we did Karate Kid. Willow's doing her music and whipping her hair, Jaden's got a TV show. And daddy's been sort of producing at home. But everyone's really ready for daddy to go back to work now," he laughed.

Will also discussed his family's level of fame. The Hollywood star has joked that so many rumours are made up about him, he should just start creating his own.

"Yeah, me and Tommy [Lee Jones - Men in Black co-star] got caught in a love triangle. No, that's pretty nasty," he joked. "That'll make people throw up in their mouth. We'll circle back to that later."

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