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Will Smith: I still have goals

Will Smith says he "never stops dreaming".

The actor has carved out successful careers in both the music and movie industries. He is currently promoting his new movie Men in Black III and has vowed to continue aiming for the stars when it comes to his life ambitions.

"Grow or die," he told German newspaper Bild when asked what his philosophy is. "I never stop dreaming. My life is a dream come true."

Will is one of the most popular faces in Hollywood.

He has a series of famous friends and finds it easy to bond with people he works with. The 43-year-old star believes that his fun-loving nature and sense of humour helps him enjoy his work projects.

"That's my work secret: You have to have fun at your daily job!" Will replied when asked why Hollywood loves him. "Shooting movies can be very long. You are away from your family a lot. But if I'm on a set the crew is my family! I'm the jester, everything works better when there is laughter."

Will stars in the popular Men in Black franchise. The sci-fi movies follow a group of secret agents protecting Earth from aliens.

The actor admits he is curious when it comes to the subject of extra-terrestrials.

"I think there is more than we know. I once even saw a light that I couldn't explain," he added.

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