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Will Smith: I tackle my fears

Will Smith always "confronts" things that he is frightened of.

The actor has carved out a career as a Hollywood hardman, but insists in real life there are still occasions when he feels scared. Rather that avoid his fears, Will believes that tackling the problem head on is the best path to take.

"I hate being scared of something. I automatically have to confront it otherwise I feel sick," he told German magazine FHM. "Fear is just a product of our imagination. We fear something that may never happen but we still torture ourselves with it."

Will relishes the opportunity to challenge himself. The 43-year-old star deals well with pressure and enjoys the feeling of resolving issues.

"Obstacles are chances. I love solving problems!" Will added.

The star has come a long way since he first decided to pursue an acting career. He has recently been linked to a movie about US President Barack Obama and Will would love to portray the leader, so is determined to stay on top of his game.

"I don't have to risk that much anymore, I've become a bit rich and convenient," he smiled. "But Obama wants me to play him in a movie someday and if I have to do that I need to be in best shape."

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