Belfast Telegraph I'm not abandoning acts has refuted allegations that he is abandoning the contestants he mentors on The Voice.

The Black Eyed Peas star is fitting in other commitments around the globe while he films the hit BBC show.

But Britain's Daily Mirror newspaper claims that his acts have complained about being left to fend for themselves while he's gone.

"Some of Will's acts were furious that they hadn't been given more contact with their coach," an insider told the publication.

"He isn't interested in tutoring the singers on their performances. He just wants to have a chat and be done with it.

"His acts have to contact him by Twitter if they need help, but there's no telling where he might be."

Meanwhile, rival coach Tom Jones apparently does five rehearsals a week with his acts.

"I've just got a different approach," Will said admitting that he didn't do any vocal training with his gang. "My coaching is, 'Hey, let's talk.'"

"If you focus on trying to unlock the magic within you, there's no coach and no rehearsal which can bring that."

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