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William praises Helen Mirren

Prince William presented Helen Mirren with an award at the Baftas.

Helen won an Oscar for her portrayal of William’s grandmother Queen Elizabeth II in 2006 movie The Queen.

Bafta president William couldn’t resist teasing her about it when he presented her with an academy fellowship at the Royal Opera House in London.

"She is an extremely talented British actress I should probably call Granny," William quipped, reports E! News.

He went on to praise the 68-year-old’s "outstanding, exceptional contribution to film".

Helen clearly appreciated the joke, and commented backstage that she should have behaved like a grandmother to him. The British icon said William was “sweet and charming”.

"I wanted to have a hanky in my bag, take it out and spit on it and clean his face a little bit!" laughed Helen. "It was a great honor. Really fantastic. I have never met him before actually and I have to say he is really very sweet and very charming."

The actress spoke earlier about how thrilled she was to get the fellowship, seeing it as tacit approval from the royal family about her role as Queen Elizabeth II.

According to Helen, it was proof she did a good job.

"I think it feels pretty amazing, actually, because I don't think he'd do it if the royal family felt I had messed up," she The Hollywood Reporter. "So I hope it's a sign they don't think I messed up. But I don't know, and I will never know for sure."

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