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Entertainer is in technology for the long haul.

Music master bends like a palm tree.

The 40-year-old star made his name as one fourth of The Black Eyed Peas, and has gone on to become one of the most sought after producers in music. He's also a mentor for contestants on TV talent show The Voice, and if that wasn't enough, is behind tech firm will has a message for anyone who has doubts about the latest venture.

"Palm trees is what we need to be," he told Entrepreneur magazine. "What do you mean, palm trees? I am not a redwood. When that wind comes, I bend. I'm a f**king palm tree. There's not supposed to be palm trees in California, just like there's not supposed to be rappers in tech. But we're here, and we weather the storm."

While will and his team hone their blend of fashion and technology, the entertainer has experienced the bitter taste of defeat. His work with Blackberry on social media platform Dipdive was a flop, but will is philosophical when it comes to the failed venture.

"A stumble is a stumble. It's education on the run and the marathon, so you don't stumble again," he explained.

It also helps that over the years will's had massive success when it comes to tech. He worked with Apple on the first iTunes TV campaign and helped formulate Beats during the early development stage.

"If you keep stumbling on the same type of mistake, then you have no business," he continued. "But learning from that experience is what gave me the perspective to add to my work with Beats, which was a great success. Working there is what gave me the stance to work at Intel, and working at Intel have me the knowledge and the courage to start my own company when we sold Beats to HTC."

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