Belfast Telegraph troubled by tuna is worried about how the world will look in 2060.

The Black Eyed Peas frontman has become increasingly interested in environmentalism over the years. The 40-year-old musician fears that soon major changes will have taken place on Earth and there will be no way back.

"Let's fast forward to 2060 - I'll be like 90, the world is different, I don't know if there's tuna, we probably ate all the tuna. And we'll be asking, 'How did we get here?' Then we'll rewind back to now and they're going to say, 'We can't believe the people, as intelligent as they were - they could create artificial intelligence and incredible computers - could not realise that sustainability and recycling should be what we do naturally," he told British magazine Hello!

The star can pinpoint exactly when he realised he wanted to make a change in the world. It was after a huge Black Eyed Peas concert in 2009. Although he was on a high from the performance, he was dismayed when he saw all the rubbish which had been caused by the crowd and it provided him with a stark realisation that he was contributing to the world's issues.

He now worries that making environmentally friendly choices has become hard for people as they aren't readily available, so he's made it his mission to change that. It's why he's partnered with Coca-Cola on Ekocycle, which aims to make startling lifestyle pieces from recycled goods.

"I just think people have been hypnotised into thinking that green is faux and odd and they're not even challenging it," he said.

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