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Williams’ widow ‘resilient’

Robin Williams is remembered by friend Maxwell Drever.

The beloved comedian was found dead at his Californian home on August 11 after an apparent suicide, and Maxwell Drever remembers him as a gracious, thoughtful man.

The philanthropist spent Saturday night at the Hotbed Benefit for scholarship programme 10,000 Degrees with Robin’s wife, Susan Schneider, and had nothing but kind words for the grieving widow.

"She's surprisingly resilient, and she's looking forward to trying to make something good out of this for others so they don't have to suffer what she and Robin had to go through," Maxwell, whose Drever Family Foundation helps fund 10,000 Degrees, told People magazine.

Robin gifted a custom Pegoretti bicycle to the cause to help raise funds.

And Maxwell couldn’t help but think of how the night might have lit up with laughter if his late friend could have been present.

"I can see him showing off the bicycle he donated to the auction, getting everyone laughing and raising a lot of money for a cause he cared about deeply," he added.

Maxwell also recalled celebrating Robin’s 63rd birthday with the late actor and his wife just last month. He recalled the star amusing himself and his friends with his delight over the Moroccan-themed costumes being prepared for the Hotbed Benefit.

"The garage area was set up with all the costumes, and Robin was in there, wearing all these silly outfits, just clowning around," Maxwell remembered, noting that even through recent revelations about Robin’s health struggles, the Oscar-winner fought to remain upbeat.

"And yet at the same time, we all know what he was going through. His Parkinson's, that was just one of the aspects that was affecting him," he explained. "He had depression, and I have depression in my family, so I had a sense of what was going on. And then to get Parkinson's, and think that maybe you are losing your voice and that you can't ride a bike... It was so unfair to him that he would have these things because he has given so much joy and happiness to people."

People reports Robin’s bike was auctioned for $20,000. The sum is enough to send two students to college for one year.

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