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Willow Smith: I’m about intuition

Willow Smith has opened up about her decision not to star in Annie.

The youngster shot to fame in 2010 with her debut single Whip My Hair, but surprised many when she turned down a part alongside Jamie Foxx in a remake of the 1982 film Annie last year.

She’s opened up about the decision to Teen Vogue, explaining it just didn’t feel right.

“To be honest, something inside me was just, like, ‘Don’t’,” she said.

“I just feel like I want to do it different than the world’s ready for. I’m enjoying just being independent and doing my own thing.

“I’m very connected with my intuition.”

While the now 13-year-old encouraged girls all over to follow in her footsteps and let themselves loose, she is making more mature decisions of her own. She hopes that when she releases an album, it will hit a chord with others her age.

“I just felt like people needed to hear what I had to say, man," Willow shared of her latest song recordings. "I feel like I can really give people a different view on things… It's going to be something outlandish, something that nobody can imagine, something that comes from me and only me. Something we need right now.”

Despite her tender years, Willow has become known as something of a style icon. It’s a label she loves, especially as she enjoys experimenting with her hair colour.

“My hair is super, super, super, super hard to destroy," she laughed. "It's a survivor… Blondes do have more fun!"

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