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Winfrey: Ageing is empowering

Oprah Winfrey says she is “happy” to be 59-years-old and admits that people who are afraid of ageing drive her “nuts”.

The talk show host and TV personality thinks people should “celebrate” getting older, rather than be afraid of it.

In a behind-the-scenes video for an O Magazine shoot, Oprah admits it sometimes drives her “nuts” when people fret about old age.

“People get all screwed up and afraid of ageing when in fact, every year is a celebration,” she tells viewers in a video posted on Extra.

“You should be celebrating every year you are given. That’s why I don’t understand women lying about their age and everybody dreading getting older. It makes me nuts that people get crazy about it! It means you’re still here. You’re still vibrant!”

Oprah will turn 60-years-old on January 29 next year.

Sipping Masala chai tea in breaks from the shoot on her Maui ranch, Oprah implores people to be proud of their advancing years.

“It is always so upsetting to me - to deny your age is to deny your life,” she declared. “I stand here at 59-years-old and so happy to claim every single part of the journey of those 59 years.”

The influential star said it helps her to think about victims of tragedy and disaster who will never reach her age.

Mentioning 9/11 and the Sandy Hook school shooting, she told viewers to see death and ageing as a reminder to move forward.

“I think about 9/11. I think about the people who were 28 and 37 and 46 and 64, who never saw another day, not to mention another year,” she mused.

“What is equally as sad is thinking about those children and those teachers in Newtown [and] seven-year-olds and eight-year-olds who will never get to see the age that I am.

“And so I celebrate the life that they’re not able to live and honour that through my own.”

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