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Winona Ryder: I'm finally acting my age

Movie star Winona Ryder says it can be hard finding roles as she gets older.

Actress Winona Ryder toyed with the idea of learning another trade.

The American star has been a screen regular since the late '80s, and after a quiet spell, has made a welcome return to both the big and small screen. October (15) sees the release of new flick Experimenter, about the work of famed social psychologist Stanley Milgram. Winona was drawn to the unconventional nature of the script, but admits being an older actress is proving challenging, as Hollywood is such a young person's game.

"Look, I'm turning 44 this month," she told Details magazine. "I had a lot of success in my teens and twenties. I've heard this is common to a certain degree with actresses when you hit your thirties. It's like you go through this weird thing where you're almost in adolescence again. You look too young or people associate you with your younger roles. So, it gets hard, and you think, maybe I should learn another trade."

However she admits her roles in projects like Show Me a Hero and The Iceman have been liberating, as she's been able to play her true age. Despite this, Winona is about to revisit a character she made famous as a teenager. Double Oscar-nominee Tim Burton is getting ready to bring cult 1988 film Beetlejuice back for a second instalment and Winona will once again play Lydia Deetz.

"Oh God," she laughed. "Well, Tim said it on camera, and then I repeated it. Then it kind of blew up. I don't really know that much about where it's at and when it's happening. All I know is that I'm pretty sure it is happening. Everything is pointing in that direction. I'm very excited. I hope it happens, I love Lydia."

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