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Winona Ryder was exhausted by weeping scenes in Stranger Things

The actress has a special bond with her child co-stars on the series

Winona Ryder couldn't cheat-cry on the set of TV series Stranger Things, because she was allergic to the trick tear powder directors use for weeping scenes.

The actress plays Joyce Byers in the new Netflix show and admits the role was emotionally draining for her, because she had to cry on demand so many times.

"When actors run out of actual liquid to cry they blow a sort of a menthol thing for tears and I'm allergic, so I have to really cry," the Beetlejuice star told WENN. "To sustain that all day, you have to drink a lot of water and stay in this dark place.

"It was so exhausting. It was draining but in the end, it was gratifying."

Meanwhile, the 34-year-old admits she developed an immediate bond with the young actors who played her children in the series, even though she's not a mum in real life.

"I felt like they were my kids," Winona smiles. "It was kind of alarmingly instant, almost like when my niece and nephew were born.

"It was, like, the first time in my life where I felt I would really jump out in front of a bus for this little baby that you don't even know yet. The kids (in the series) were there every day... and I really bonded with them."

In the new series, Ryder's character plays a mum who must confront terrifying forces in order to get her son back when he disappears in 1980s Indiana. Charlie Heaton and Noah Schnapp play her sons in the supernatural science-fiction horror, written and directed by Matt and Ross Duffer and executive-produced by Shawn Levy.

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