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Winslet: I don’t have an ego

Kate Winslet isn’t precious about receiving scripts after other actresses have turned them down

The Divergent actress has had a hugely successful career, starring in movies including Revolutionary Road, The Reader and Titanic. But despite winning an Oscar, three Golden Globes and an Emmy, the 39-year-old doesn’t expect all the best parts to come to her straightaway.

“It still ebbs and flows. New people float in. New people float out. I don't have an ego. I don't mind if I get a script and I'm told, 'These two people have already turned it down,'” she told USA Today. "It's a great role. You can't have an ego about these things.”

Kate’s career reached the stratosphere after starring alongside Leonardo DiCaprio in Titanic in 1997. Looking back, the mother-of-three can’t believe how well she handled the craziness that followed its release considering her young age.

“I would say that right after Titanic, things were pretty b****y rosy in terms of choice,” she added. “I look back on that time and somehow, managed to navigate my way through all that madness and stay sane."

The English actress will next be seen in the Steve Jobs biopic of the same name alongside Michael Fassbender. Kate admits it’s a prime example of how she still has to chase after the good parts from time to time.

“I was not automatically offered the role I'm playing. I knew that I wanted in on that project. I'd heard enough about it. I knew it was an incredible female part,” she said. “I put a dark wig on myself. I took a photo of myself. And I sent it to the producer [Scott Rudin]. I just want them to remember that I'm here should they want to call on me. And luckily they did."

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