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Winslet: Kids aren’t aware of my fame

Kate Winslet doesn’t think it’s fair that new moms face such pressure to lose their baby weight after giving birth.

The Divergent actress has three children, Mia, 14, Joe, 11 and 15-month-old Bear Blaze.

Despite having a long career in Hollywood and winning an Oscar in 2008 for The Reader, her offspring don’t realise the extent of their mother’s celebrity status.

“I've been able to navigate the way quite stealthily so that, to be honest, they aren't really exposed to it… It might sound ridiculous, but it's really true,” she told Extra. “They're fairly unaware of that side of it.”

The 39-year-old will next be seen in the second film from the Divergent franchise, Insurgent, as Jeanine. And according to Kate, it makes her the “coolest parent in the school playground”.

The British star loves getting back in front of the camera, however she doesn’t like the pressure she feels new moms are put under to lose their baby weight quickly.

“It bothers me… I think it's not right and it's not fair. Having a baby is amazing and not fitting into your jeans… it's kind of a pain in the a** for awhile, but ultimately, it just doesn't matter,” she explained. “It just doesn't matter, and that time of being at home with that little newborn and not having to… wear a pair of jeans or slip into a red carpet dress, it's so fantastic… I wanted it to go on and on forever.”

Despite hitting the red carpet since giving birth to Bear, Kate admitted to the outlet she had only recently returned to her pre-pregnancy shape.

“To be honest, I'm probably, kind of only just actually back to what I was before and, you know, that's really okay,” she added.

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