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Witherspoon: Film career beats privacy

Reese Witherspoon would happily sacrifice privacy for making movies.

After a low-key few years career-wise, Reese is back to her big-screen best with recent movies Hot Pursuit and Wild, the latter even earning her an Oscar nomination.

Living your life in the glare of the media spotlight can be tough, but Reese says her job is definitely worth it.

"Everyone experiences that loss of privacy with the internet, not just celebrities. I knew that was part of the game when I started being an actor. It's not my favourite part, but it's certainly worth the exchange. I've been able to travel the world; my children have been able to travel the world," she told InStyle UK.

Reese has been making movies for nearly 25 years, and has bagged an Oscar, a Golden Globe and BAFTA along the way (all for her portrayal of June Carter in Walk the Line).

She's just as at home in funny roles as she is in more serious parts, and has her mother Betty to thank for her comedic timing.

"My mom is really the funny one. My grandmother was very dry. She had a smart sense of humour. But my mother made me laugh, and I loved to make her laugh. When I was a child, she would literally laugh at everything I did, so that just made me more silly. She was the perfect audience," Reese smiled.

The 39-year-old adds that she hopes her own children, Ava, 15, 11-year-old Deacon and Tennessee, two, find her funny.

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