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Witherspoon ‘has no connection to the real world’

Reese Witherspoon reportedly leads a double life, as “what happens in public and what happens in private” are completely distinct.

The 37-year-old actress was recently arrested for disorderly conduct alongside her husband Jim Toth in Atlanta. Her spouse was also taken into custody at that time for driving under the influence of alcohol.

Reese, who is mother to three children, has enjoyed a clean-cut public image throughout her two-decade long career.

Apparently the true nature of Reese’s personal life has been concealed.

“[She] is a southern sorority girl to her core,” an insider told People magazine.

“She got discovered young, she got pregnant and married young, and has no connection to the real world. With her, what happens in public and what happens in private is very different. She’s actually the real girl next door, not the clichéd girl next door.”

Apparently Reese’s relationship with husband Jim has changed dramatically in the past year.

It is said the Hollywood talent agent has let loose of late.

“[Jim] was on his best behaviour [while courting Reese, but] things started to change last year,” the source explained.

“Jim gets very loud and obnoxious when he drinks, and it’s embarrassing for Reese. He’s totally himself with her now, which means he can be a party animal again.”

According to the magazine Reese likes “guys with an edge”.

Although the arrest was embarrassing for the couple their union is not in jeopardy.

“This isn’t going to break up their marriage,” the insider said. “It was a really bad decision on both of their parts. They’re evaluating that and will make d*mn sure it doesn’t happen again.”

The couple are scheduled to appear in court on the matter May 22.

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