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Witherspoon in awe of Vergara

Reese Witherspoon enjoyed watching Sofía Vergara "enhance" her roots for their latest film.

The actresses star alongside each other in comedy flick Hot Pursuit, which follows Reese's policewoman alter ego Cooper as she protects Daniella (Sofía), the widow of a drug dealer.

Sofía became a household name thanks to her role as Gloria in Modern Family and her latest co-star is in awe of how fans react to her.

"I think it's very smart to go outside and play a completely different character. I have seen all the test audiences and they are very excited and the minute [Sofía] says 'Hello' they are screaming with laughter," Reese smiled to Total Film magazine.

"She's so beloved. But it's scary too, to put yourself out there in another way and a different medium, but I think people will respond that her character is different from Gloria and there is a big part of it where you go, 'Wow!' especially at the end."

Sofía added that rather than feeling concerned about being pigeonholed by Hollywood due to her Modern Family stint, she is happy to "take advantage" of starring in the award-winning show.

She feels confident that when the programme does finally come to an end, whenever that may be, she'll be able to win another role. If not, the Colombian star jokes she'll make Reese produce another movie for her (the blonde beauty also worked behind the camera for Hot Pursuit).

Quizzed on whether it's easier to make a comedy than a drama, Reese insisted that she can't compare the genres.

"I don't know. Comedy is different than drama. I think comedy you have to play for the jokes and have to find what makes it funny," she explained. "With this duo, the more mismatched they are, the better it is. She [Sofía] would enhance her accent or enhance that part of her cultural background. It made it funnier that my character was much more Southern and much more conservative."

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