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Witherspoon: Vergara consumes so much cake

Reese Witherspoon and Sofía Vergara found out about each other's diet habits on the set of Hot Pursuit.

The actresses are currently starring in new movie Hot Pursuit, which hit US cinemas last week and comes to UK shores in July.

Reese and Sofía spent a lot of time together on set, which led them both to find out unknown facts about each other.

"She eats a lot! She's very delicate and petite, but she eats a lot," Sofía laughed to People.

"This one eats cake. I've never seen somebody eat so much cake in my entire life," Reese shot back.

Sofía added that Reese is also partial to a cup of coffee, and despite her own Colombian heritage, the blonde actress is much more of a caffeine junkie.

"My husband [Jim Toth] gets mad at me. He's like, 'You drink too much coffee.' I try to only have two cups in the morning and that's it, but it gets to be 4 o'clock and I'm so tired," Reese smiled.

"But it also depends on the day. It's different when you're at home or on a set. You drink more on a set, of course," Sofía said.

"No. I drink more when I'm at home with all my children. It's 4 o'clock and I want to lie down and take a nap. It's like, 'I HAVE TO DRINK COFFEE'," Reese laughed.

Hot Pursuit centres on an uptight cop who's tasked with protecting the glamorous widow of a former drug boss.

Reese plays by-the-books Cooper, while Sofía takes on feisty Daniella. One of the movie's scenes required the women to kiss, something Reese's husband Jim was encouraging about.

"We did it for, like, two or three days. It's Sofía! The second day we went back, I called my husband and was like, 'I have to go back to work today and kiss Sofía all day.' He's like, 'Um, you need to stop complaining. A lot of people would be very excited,'" she recalled.

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