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Woodley laughs off co-star kiss

Shailene Woodley “feels free” with Ansel Elgort.

The Hollywood darling played the sibling of Ansel Elgort’s character in dystopian drama Divergent before the two became lovers in forthcoming film The Fault in Our Stars.

But Shailene insists kissing Ansel wasn’t as awkward as one might think.

"It wasn't that weird because I've always sort of wondered what it'd be like kissing my brother," she mused to The Hollywood Reporter.

The actress admitted she was stunned when the pair were asked to read together for the project. But rather than be creeped out, she says their previous onscreen relationship helped to solidify their bond.

"There's something really beautiful about working with someone and working with them again and again and again, because the more you get to know somebody on a personal level, the more free you feel artistically,” Shailene explained.

“I think that if Ansel and I hadn't known each other from Divergent, our relationship in this movie would not be what it is, because we didn't have to go through the rehearsal phase of getting to know one another, becoming comfortable with one another.”

Josh Boone directed the new film, based on the 2012 novel by John Green. The subject matter is a heavy one, telling the story of a terminally ill teenager who falls in love with someone she meets at her support group.

Having Ansel around, Shailene said, made her feel comfortable taking chances with her character.

"There would be times when we'd disagree, and if we didn't know each other, we might not say we disagree, because there's that politeness. We were very open with one another when something wasn't going the way we envisioned. It completely lent to these characters,” she said.

The Fault in Our Stars is scheduled for release this summer.

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